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Are all technical support providers the same?


Technical support service providers may appear to have much in common.

No doubt we might appear to offer a similar range of technical support solutions and offer similar technical skills, and we all compete in an open market for your business.

But are all technical-support service providers the same?  We don’t think so….


So what makes us different ?
  • We have a broad wealth of experience gained over many years in the education sector. We understand the education business very well and we respect the good working relationships and friendships that we have forged with you
  • We know what is important to you; we are acutely aware that your scarce resources – your own staff, your time and your money are precious. We strive to work collaboratively and closely with you but at the same time, we endeavour to protect you from becoming too involved in technical support issues at the expense of your own teaching and learning programmes
  • So in delivering our support to you, our emphasis is on administering as many proactive functions as we can from a central location. We utilise tried and tested processes and procedures that are compiled and delivered with your business needs in mind
  • We are a Public Sector service provider. We will never take shortcuts or risks at your expense. Your business is too important to us
  • However, we will always strive to deliver value for money services, to drive efficiencies and deliver timely and cost effective solutions for you

We are pleased to be different!


Here are some examples of how we save you time and money

Managed Switches

We will swap out all of your unmanaged switches free of charge, saving you thousands of pounds!


Back Office Services

No need to worry…

We routinely update, monitor, diagnose and protect all of your software systems and computer devices


Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud based platform for education, and its free…


E-Safety Software

Free access to E-Safety software for all of your devices on the curriculum network, saving you hundreds of pounds each year!



Can we help?

Please don’t forget – our core service offer is comprehensive, with no hidden charges to worry about…

We want to help you to exploit your investment in ICT so please contact the service for all of your curriculum technical support and ICT development needs.

We will be pleased to hear from you…

And finally, please be aware….

Incentives such as cash-back offers, ‘free’ equipment or accessories, subsidised services, offers of the school being used for marketing purposes can sound very appealing in the short term

But please do not lose sight that if an offer sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!