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ICT Equipment Procurement Services

ICT Equipment Procurement ServicesTechnical Support Service
Access to an OJEU framework for computer hardwareYES
Access to a 3-year hardware replacement strategyYES
Access to outright purchase and operating lease arrangements coming with insurance and end of lease equipment returns servicesYES
Equipment supplied with a minimum one year roadmapYES
Server equipment supplied with a 3-year 4-hour same business day warrantyYES
Desktop, laptop and netbook equipment supplied with a 3-year next business day warrantyYES
Open book pricing with no mark-up on pricing YES
No call out charges for warranty or maintenance related services for the lifecycle of the equipmentYES
Equipment collection and disposal services at no additional cost (Full compliance with WEEE regulations)YES
Access to data cleansing services for the safe removal of sensitive information and data at equipment end of life (Note #1)YES
Free of charge disposal of all packaging materialsYES
No additional charge for server image buildYES
No additional charge for desktop, laptop or notebook image buildYES

Did you know that E-Safety monitoring has been mandatory in schools since the 5 September 2017….?

Our Impero education pro comes with our core service at no additional cost to you……… on average, this saves you hundreds of pounds every year!

E-Safety Monitoring ServicesTechnical Support Service
Access to the Impero E-Safety software at no additional chargeYES
Access to free training and support for the E-Safety consoleYES
Access to Service Desk for E-Safety software support YES

Did you know that Microsoft Office 365 offers online versions including Word, Excel and PowerPoint?

You are also licensed to download Microsoft Office 365 to your standalone device for school and home use at no additional cost to you…

Microsoft Office 365Technical Support Service
Creation of shared school or academy mailbox and calendarYES
Creation and management of O365 accounts for staff and students with access to Email. Calendar and One Drive storage on a per user basisYES
Administration of O365 environment (Gatedu.org for staff and Gatedu.net for students) including user credentials and permissions administered through the curriculum network infrastructureYES

Did you know that we can design and maintain a Microsoft SharePoint site for you? Again, all at no additional cost to you!

Microsoft SharePointTechnical Support Service
Anytime / Anywhere access to your documents - just choose your preferred device!YES
Seamless collaboration allowing colleagues to work together - just choose which location you prefer to work from!YES
Microsoft's enterprise grade security and compliance YES
Two factor authorisation to best protect both your personal credentials and your site contentYES
Bespoke permissions to your important document folders and files - you can fully control access to the siteYES

Impero education pro empowers teaching staff with a range of classroom control tools…… and it comes at no additional cost to you….

Impero Classroom Management SuiteTechnical Support Service
Real time and multi-device monitoring of all student devices at a glanceYES
Screen broadcasting of a teacher's screen to all devices in the classroomYES
Remote control to student devices to lend assistance or demonstrate tasksYES
Teaching tools to focus attention in the classroom including single click actions to lock screens, disable the Internet, restrict printing, etc...YES
Messaging and live chat between teachers and studentsYES
Classroom assessment tools including quick question or assigning tasksYES

Did you know that on average, the replacement costs for managed switches

have saved every school or academy thousands of pounds?

Managed SwitchesTechnical Support Service
Free upgrade of your internal unmanaged switches to managed switches (Note #2) YES
Free installation, warranty, maintenance services (Note #2)YES
Free replacement of switches (Note #2)YES

Did you know that Google Apps can be integrated with your curriculum network?

Google ChromebookTechnical Support Service
Procurement and image build of your Chromebook Devices, applications and servicesYES
Remote central management of your Chromebook DevicesYES
Support to integrate Google Chromebook devices with the curriculum networkYES

Did you know that Apple IPad and Mac Devices can also be integrated with your curriculum network?

Apple IPad and Mac DevicesTechnical Support Service
Procurement and image build of your Apple Devices, applications and servicesYES
Remote central management of your Apple DevicesYES
Support to integrate Apple devices with the curriculum network to save and retrieve documents to a common network infrastructure, to print to compatible printers on the curriculum network and to allow inclusion in central backup and other business continuity arrangementsYES

Did you know that we routinely monitor your curriculum network for critical events?

Business Continuity MeasuresTechnical Support Service
Routine monitoring of the curriculum network infrastructureYES
Central backup arrangements (An off-site, encrypted solution which is monitored and maintained each business working day)YES
Remote management of network servers and workstation devices attached to the curriculum network YES

Did you know that we employ remote central solutions to manage all of your curriculum network administration requirements?

Curriculum Network AdministrationTechnical Support Service
Centrally managed / remote updating of operating system and other software applicationsYES
Remote management of user student and staff accountsYES

Did you know that we do not charge for any on-site technical support session?

Peripatetic services - On-Site Technical Support Technical Support Service
An entitlement to an on-site technical support visit, on requestYES
Scheduled projector filter cleaning programme during non-term time, or on demandYES

Additional Information

#1             The service recommends that all server and laptop devices that have been used as standalone devices, (i.e. – off the curriculum network), be appropriately formatted to remove the risk of disclosure of sensitive information and data. A small fee applies for each relevant computer device

#2             Goods and services provided at no cost whilst a current subscription to the service is in place. (Please contact the service for terms and conditions relevant to this offer)


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