SIMS Technical Support

What technical services do we offer?

SIMS exists in a traditional client/server environment* and there are a range of technical functions that we offer in support of SIMS and your local IT infrastructure, including but not limited to:

  • MS SQL Server installation and configuration (Microsoft SQL licence may be required)
  • Installation and configuration of SIMS Server and Document Server
  • Installation of SIMS workstation clients
  • Installation of SIMS Discover
  • Installation and configuration of SIMS automatic deployment and upgrade tool (SOLUS3)
  • SQL migration
  • Deployment of scheduled SIMS upgrades
  • Deployment of generic and site specific SIMS patches
  • 3rd party application SIMS links
  • Advice on SIMS hardware and software specifications
  • Support on SIMS backup and recovery.

* alternative models for hosting SIMS are available for extending access outside your school or academy.

SIMS Technical Documents

This information can be used to support the effective planning of future support of SIMS and ensure that schools can make informed choices when refreshing their hardware or software licencing.