Microsoft SharePoint Services

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Accessible via your existing Microsoft Office 365 account, SharePoint is essentially a web-based content management system that comes with a broad range of features to support document sharing and collaborative working.

SharePoint is designed to work at an organisational level, such as at a school or academy level, whereas your Office 365 account is principally designed to operate at a personal account level.

As you might expect, SharePoint offers anytime / anywhere access to your documents and as SharePoint may be used on wide variety of workstation and other portable devices, there are no restrictions on where you choose to work from….

Coming with a broad range of features and functionality, SharePoint provides an ideal platform to support collaborative working; and with Microsoft’s enterprise grade security and compliance you can be assured that your information and data is in safe hands. Additionally, you may switch on the two-factor authentication features to protect both your personal credentials and site content.

And most importantly, within SharePoint, you decide who has access to your important documents, what individual users or groups of users can do with specific files or folders and subject to your changing business requirements, you can also extend or withdraw colleagues or external stakeholder access to SharePoint very easily.

Within SharePoint, you have access to your own Intranet (essentially your own dashboard) where you can add design features such as news, notices or discussion areas


So how much does this cost?

Great news! This service forms part of your core service offer. As long as you hold a current subscription to the service, consultancy, design, maintenance and ongoing development of your site are all inclusive.


Please contact the Technical Support Service and we will be happy to work with you to develop your own SharePoint site.


Please contact the Technical Support Service on 0191 433 8525 (Option 3)