Service Level Agreements


School ICT Support Services


Services for Maintained and Academy Schools


“We have outsourced our technical support arrangements because they are cheaper!”

Urban myths are commonplace, perception and reality often become blurred, “like-for like service comparisons are often traded, but what is the truth?

Here are some facts about OUR service level arrangements:

  • There are no hidden charges with our service level arrangements – we do not add in extra costs that you have not budgeted for, so your expenditure on IT can be predicted
  • We offer cradle to the grave solutions for schools and acdemies – this is all part of our core offer
  • We continuously upgrade and invest in new services, routinely subsuming these value added services into your core service offer at no additional cost to you
  • We are committed to your goals. We never leave you unsupported and we won’t walk away!
  • And in today’s difficult financial climate – we can save you money…


Take the Challenge


Demand more from your IT provider…. Why not take the challenge?


Be satisfied that you are receiving real value for money – so please take a closer look at our services….

Let’s take the Technical Support Service and look at a typical example of our approach to supporting you….

We take the long view that the life-cycle of all ICT equipment will always require a level of monitoring and maintenance and at the appropriate time, the equipment must be replaced and disposed of.

So when you agree to refresh or procure new equipment:

  • We review the specification of your existing solution in terms of its capacity and capability to meet your business needs
  • We work closely with you to inform your new business requirements
  • We work with our external suppliers to secure competitive pricing and specifications for your preferred equipment choice
  • We secure quotations in line with prevailing procurement rules and regulations so you don’t have to worry
  • We will offer you sound funding choices such as outright purchase or operating lease options
  • We will guarantee that the price you pay for the new equipment will be the price quoted by the external supplier. In other words, we do NOT mark-up any quotation received from an external supplier and we always pass on volume discounts to you


And when the equipment is delivered…

  • We undertake to Project Manage the whole project for you
  • We will liaise with suppliers, lessors and other stakeholders where necessary
  • We will take delivery, unpack, test, build, configure the equipment to your specification
  • We will safely and securely store and transport the equipment to your school
  • We will ensure that we have a secure backup of all of your critical business information and data
  • We will collect and dispose of any legacy equipment and packaging in accordance with current environmental standards
  • We will ensure compliance with current data protection standards in respect of the disposal of redundant equipment

And it’s all-inclusive within our core SLA!

Rolling Contracts

The Council has introduced rolling contracts for the Management Information Service and Technical Support Service.

Q Why have we introduced rolling contracts?

Rolling contracts were introduced to safeguard the rights of employees who, where there to be a change of service provider, may transfer under TUPE legislation and to also reduce administration.

Q How will I know if there is a change in pricing for services?

Where there is to be a change in pricing from the current year pricing, prices for our services will be circulated to you no later than 30 November in the current service contract period.

Q What do I need to do?

If you wish to continue with our services then you do not need to re-order these services and they will simply continue for the following year.

If however you no longer wish to buy into any of our services, we ask that you let us know in writing by emailing by the 31 December at the latest during the current contract period.

If you do not let us know by then, we will assume that you wish to continue to buy back those services for the following financial year.