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The worlds of education and technology never stand still. Keeping up to date with this change can be time consuming, confusing, and can have a significant impact upon the planning of an effective information management strategy.

How we help?

  • We work closely with Capita and other software suppliers to establish not only what products are available today, but also the developments being planned for the future.
  • We look at how solutions integrate with your core MIS software and how they meet the particular requirement of schools.
  • We compare and contrast solutions with complete neutrality to make sure you get a fair appraisal.
  • Where possible, we can use our LA influence and bulk purchasing potential to negotiate discounts or better terms on your behalf.
  • We can support your hardware renewal decisions by identifying future platform requirements, saving you money on unnecessary equipment and licencing.

By maintaining a comprehensive view of the information management landscape we are able to bring together everything needed for you to make the right decisions for your school.

Hosted SIMS

Hosted SIMS provides schools with access to the full functionality of anywhere, anytime, from any device with a suitable web browser. Schools purchasing this solution will be able to extend access beyond the school office into the classroom and beyond supporting flexible working for teaching and non-teaching staff.

SIMS Teacher App

Designed for teachers, the SIMS Teacher App extends access to key areas of SIMS into your classrooms and beyond through a bespoke tablet or smartphone application. Teacher App makes everyday classroom tasks simple for teachers. With access to student information, registration, conduct and assessment, the SIMS Teacher app helps to support safeguarding and improved teaching and learning by ensuring you have the latest data for your school in real-time.

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