SIMS Interventions

Schools looking to raise standards and improve pupil outcomes often seek to ‘narrow the gap’ through a variety of pupil interventions such as revision classes, one-to-one or small group tuition.  Identifying the most efficient and effective methods of raising pupil attainment are key responsibilities for senior leaders, especially when evaluating the impact of intervention on vulnerable pupils and when providing evidence of the positive application of Pupil Premium funding.


‘Inspectors should note if pupils who receive additional intervention are demonstrating accelerated or sustained progress. This would indicate whether the intervention is effective.’

Subsidiary guidance (Ofsted, 2013)


Having identified which students are in need of extra support, interventions will need to be planned, recorded and monitored to establish which interventions are having the greatest benefit for your students and how cost effective they are.

A solution?

Capita have been working to make managing interventions even easier for schools by ensuring everything they need is in one place. SIMS offers a complete, integrated  solution, SIMS Interventions.

Available from late Spring 2017, SIMS Interventions will be included as an integrated, no cost module within

SIMS Interventions will allow schools to track underperforming students, allocate additional support and resources, and track how those resources affect KPIs.  If required, senior leaders are able to record how much those resources cost, and to review the impact of this investment against outcomes.

How SIMS Interventions helps…

A wealth of contextual data
Use the power of SIMS to identify underperforming students and use SIMS Interventions to allocate additional support and resource to those students, and to understand exactly how your interventions are helping your students.

Efficiently monitor the interventions that you make
All the data you need to work out which student’s need an intervention is already held in SIMS, so you don’t need to spend time looking anywhere else.  SIMS Interventions shows you how much your interventions are costing and monitor which are most cost effective. This information is valuable when planning future interventions.

Support every child to achieve
Instantly see which interventions are delivering the best results and helping your pupils to progress. You’ll have the ability to record each pupil’s start points and targets.  SIMS Interventions allows schools to plan and run the intervention as well as allocate staff and resource.

Easily analyse and report on the interventions you make
Monitor interventions by a range of different areas, such as SEN, pupil premium, academic interventions and pastoral support. Interventions can be monitored either by individual pupil or schools wide.  The module includes a range of pre-built reports to prove the effectiveness of interventions as well as the function to build your own custom reports. The information is pulled through to SIMS Discover, allowing you to analyse the data in clear graphical format. This provides valuable evidence to Ofsted, your senior leadership team and governors.

What are the Features of SIMS Interventions?

The following functionality will be available within the first release:

  • Ability to set interventions up
  • Ability to run interventions and add detail to students
  • Filtering of Assessment marksheets, progress grids and programme of study screens by Interventions
  • Interventions fields in the Reporting Dictionary
  • School Interventions Report – see what Interventions are happening across the school and which students are on them
  • Interventions Outcome Analysis – see how successful different types of Interventions are, across the school.
  • Individual Student Interventions Report – understand exactly which Interventions a student has been allocated to and detail about those Interventions for that student
  • Renaming of the existing Interventions area under Behaviour
  • Discover Graphs on Intervention Membership and Intervention Outcomes

How can we help?

For our SLA schools, the MIS Team can support with

  • Delivery of all Interventions training
  • Providing consultancy on making Interventions work for you
  • Ongoing support

All services are offered FULLY INCLUSIVE within our MIS Core SLA and incur NO additional charges to schools.

Useful Links

Click below for further information, or alternatively contact the MIS Team on 0191 4338525 if you would like help with implementing SIMS Interventions at your school.

SIMS Interventions product website