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Bringing together all of the information you will require to process assessment via the Primary Assessment Tracker.

Following recent changes to the Local Authority’s primary programme of study (TIPPS), a decision has been made to remodel the associated SIMS pupil tracking system. This moves summative assessment away from the previous progressional scale (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1…etc) to a standardised judgement based on the following Grade Set.

6Is on track to work at greater depth within the year group expectations.
They are always successful in understanding the key learning and are able to apply their knowledge and skills in a range of contexts.
They will transfer knowledge and skills independently.
5Is on track to meet year group expectations.
They are usually successful learners, showing good understanding of the year group objectives taught.
They are usually able to learn new skills, and use them accurately and independently. They can apply their learning in other contexts.
4Is on track to meet some, but not all, year group expectations.
Is successful at learning new concepts and is starting to apply their skills independently, but not consistently.
Is usually able to improve work following feedback and support.
Will have some smaller gaps in learning.
3Is able to access the curriculum for their year group but has significant gaps in their learning.
They nearly always need some scaffolding and/or support to understand and embed new concepts and skills.
Can often not apply their learning independently.
2Is accessing the programme of study from an earlier year group.
They need individual support and scaffolding.
The child may be doing different tasks to the rest of the class and intervention may be in place.
1Is working on P-Scales

Get Started

The SIMS PAT Tracker is designed, built and maintained centrally by the MIS Team and will be made available for distribution via the Resources panel below.  This allows us to quickly and easily update the tracker with new features and ensures every school maintains a consistent tracking model.  On initial request, our team will install the PAT tracker to your SIMS system and configure it for your school. Subsequent updates (including full details of any changes or additions) can be downloaded from the Resources panel below and installed using the instructions provided.

A PAT Tracking user guide is available for download and we will update this resource regularly with helpful advice and ideas, information on good practice and details of relevant training courses.


New Additions

For academic year 2018/2019 the SIMS PAT Tracker has been amended to include grade 4 in the on target + calculations.  All marksheets, analysis grids and Discover resources are in the process of being upgraded over the summer holidays.

If you have any queries please contact the MIS Team on 0191 4338525 (Option 1)


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Tracking Marksheets

Enter, review and track pupil internal and statutory assessment from Early Years through to end of Key Stage 2 using a single marksheet.   Apply contextual filters to focus on vulnerable groups and perform basic analysis such as grade distribution or prior attainment filtering.

Tracking Grids

Present pupil attainment termly or as prior attainment comparison in easy to view tracking grids to support moderation processes and to visualise pupil progress.

Analysis Grids

Over 100 statistical analysis charts enabling you to monitor attainment and progress of your pupils and school groups.  Rapidly compare current attainment against a range of prior attainment outcomes.

Individual Reports

Generate individual pupil reports to display attainment across their whole school journey.  Useful as an evidence base for pupil intervention meetings or to share with parents.


Analysis Guide

Summary of the analysis resources available in the Pupil Assessment Tracker.

Primary Brochure

An overview of Sims features that can aid you in your assessment of pupils.

User Guide

This user guide is intended for use with the Primary Assessment Tracker resources developed by MIS Team.  Click on the Download button below.

Version: 3



SIMS Downloads

Protected: Resource Pack [Core]

This download contains all of the latest PAT tracking resources for  The .zip file will need to be extracted to a location of your choosing prior to import.

This Zip file includes both versions of the pack e.g. 456  and 56 please check which version the school is using and choose the correct files on extraction.

Version: V3.1
Protected: Resource Pack [Additional Resources ]

This download contains all of the additional PAT tracking resources for (including additional Subjects and half termly assessments) .  The .zip file will need to be extracted to a location of your choosing prior to import.

This Zip file includes both versions of the pack e.g. 456  and 56 please check which version the school is using and choose the correct files on extraction.

Version: V3.1



Useful Links

  • Commission on assessment without levels – final report (pdf)


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