Microsoft SharePoint VS Microsoft Office 365

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based document management and storage solution for your school or academy that compliments your existing Microsoft Office 365 account system

The key features of SharePoint include

  • Anytime / Anywhere access to your documents – just choose your preferred device!
  • Seamless collaboration allowing colleagues to work together – just choose which location you prefer to work from!
  • Microsoft’s enterprise grade security and compliance – switch on two-factor authentication to best protect both your personal credentials and your site content
  • Bespoke permissions to your important document folders and files  – you can fully control access to the site

I have Microsoft OneDrive – why should I use Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint have many features in common; amongst others, they both provide a storage and retrieval service for your documents and files, they both offer access from multiple devices and they both offer access wherever there is an Internet connection

It is true that Microsoft OneDrive provides a high level and ever growing set of features and functionality, but fundamentally it is an “out of the box” solution.

SharePoint however, is fully customisable and it is designed as a true business collaboration tool.

With SharePoint, you have access to your own Intranet (essentially your own dashboard) where you can add design features such as news, notices, discussion areas and so on, and subject to your ever-changing business requirements, you can extend, or withdraw colleagues or external stakeholder access to SharePoint very easily.

SharePoint is site based and can be set up to navigate your colleagues and stakeholders to their own site areas where they can locate their own documents and files subject to the permissions that you set.

SharePoint can also be configured to provide an E-mail notification whenever a new document is appended to a folder, or if an important document has been modified. This allows you to operate within a very collaborative work arena but with sensible controls in place to protect the integrity of the documents and files stored on your site.  Alternatively, for your strategies and policy documentation, you can establish a site area that disallows colleagues access to upload, edit or delete documents and files.

So what does a SharePoint site look like and how do I set up a site?

Its easy!

  • Just let us know if you have a preferred colour scheme for your site
  • Provide us with your school logo
  • Advise us of your preferred top-line folder structures for your site
  • Provide us with colleagues names so that we can set up permissions to these groups
  • Advise us if you want to introduce two factor authentication for your users

….and we will do the rest for you!




So if you need to work collaboratively in a team setting, please consider using SharePoint.

And don’t forget, its free!

Just contact us and we will be happy to work with you to develop your own SharePoint site.