End of Key Stage Data Returns

Bringing together all of the information you will require to carry out the End of Key Stage Data Processing in SIMS for the 5 data returns:

  • Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception Students)
  • Key Stage 1 Data Return (Y2 Students)
  • Key Stage 2 Data Return (Y6 Students)
  • Year 1 Phonics Screening (Y1 Students)
  • Year 2 Phonics Screening Re-test (Y2 Students)

Supporting Documentation and Files

SIMS allows you to export your data entry marksheets as MS Excel spreadsheets. These can then be passed to teachers to complete when convenient, and when returned, can be imported back into your SIMS marksheets without the need for manual entry.  Please see instruction below:



2018 Phonics Threshold

The DfE have now announced that the 2018 threshold value for KS1 Phonics assessments is to be set at 32. The threshold value will need to be input into Y1 and Y2 Phonics marksheets within SIMS.net to enable the calculation of appropriate Wa/Wt Grades. To update the...

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Exporting CTF Assessment Data

Creating CTF Export Files When exporting CTF Files for your Key Stage statutory data please ensure that the appropriate CTF file type is selected for each return. Phonics Test Results KS1 KS2 Early Years Foundation Stage Data (FSP) Once the required option is...

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2017 Phonics Threshold Result

The 2017 Threshold Result for the Phonics Assessments has been released by the DfE as 32. The result will  need to be input into the marksheets within Sims .net to calculate the relevant Wa/Wt Grade, please follow the instructions below: Open Sims .net and navigate to...

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Key Stage Data Return 2017

Documentation Now Available Visit our End of Key Stage help topic to find all of the latest documentation, information and files in support of the 2017 Key Stage data return process. ** PLEASE NOTE **  The Comparison report for the Year 1 Phonics results is displaying...

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