Configuring the Sims Homepage

The SIMS Home Page provides an overview of the key and relevant content stored in SIMS relating to the currently logged in SIMS user. The information available to display includes events from the School Diary, reminders and messages. It is also possible to display attendance, assessment and pupil/student conduct summaries, tailored to the lessons for which you are the main class teacher.

The SIMS Home Page is displayed automatically each time you log into SIMS. If you close the screen, it can be re-opened by selecting Focus | Home Page.

When you first log into SIMS, a default set of panels will be displayed on your SIMS Home Page. The panels displayed are determined by your System Manager/Administrator and by the default Home Page group(s) to which you have assigned. However, many of the panels on the SIMS Home Page can be configured to display information relevant to you and your role. The display order of the panels can be changed and the text on each panel can be also be amended to reflect your requirements.

When SIMS is upgraded, all of your personalised settings are retained. Any changes you make to the layout and display of the SIMS Home Page affect the display of your Home Page only; these changes are not reflected on the Home Page of other SIMS users.

The Sims Homepage can be configured to:

  • Search for People using the Home Page
  • View the My Timeline Panel
  • View the School Bulletins Panel
  • Set Up Reminders
  • Set Up Personal Tasks
  • View the School Diary
  • View My Reminders
  • View My Favourites
  • View My Messages
  • View My Scheduled Reports
  • View Missing Register Notifications
  • View My Detention Sessions
  • View the Attendance Summary
  • View the Admissions Summary
  • View the Conduct Summary
  • View the Assessment Summary
  • Change the Displayed Academic Year
  • Increase the Size of Panels on the Home Page
  • Set Panel Refresh Rates
  • Schedule Reports to Run Automatically

The full document can be found here.

If you have any queries regarding your Sims Homepage, please give a member of the MIS Team a call on 0191 4338525 (Option 1)