Children Missing in Education

Main Changes from 1 September 2016

All schools (including Academies, Free schools and Independent schools) must notify their Local Authority when they are about to remove a pupil/student from their admissions register. This does not apply when a pupil/student leaves at the end of the standard transition points (e.g. when the pupil/student has completed the final year of education normally provided by that school), unless requested by the Local Authority.

When removing a pupil/student from the admissions register, the notification to the Local Authority must include:

  • full name of the pupil/student
  • full name and address of any parent/carer with whom the pupil normally resides
  • at least one telephone number of the parent
  • any future addresses (if applicable)
  • destination school and expected start date
  • reason why the pupil/student is being removed.

Schools, jointly with the Local Authority, must make reasonable enquiries to establish the destination school of the child.

All schools also must notify the Local Authority within five days of a pupil/student joining at a non-standard transition point.

The notification must include all the details contained in the admissions register for the new pupil/student. Again, this does not apply when a pupil/student is added at a standard transition point, unless requested by the Local Authority.

Admissions Register

Schools must enter pupil/students on the admissions register at the beginning of the first day on which the school has agreed, or been notified, that the pupil/student will attend the school. If a pupil/student fails to attend on the agreed or notified date, the school should undertake reasonable enquiries to establish the child’s whereabouts and consider notifying the Local Authority at the earliest opportunity.

Schools are required to produce monthly printouts or electronic backups of their admissions register.

The school is required to include the following:

  • Any future addresses
  • Destination school
  • Expected start date at the destination school.


Schools must monitor pupil/student attendance through the daily register. Schools should agree with their Local Authority the intervals at which they inform them of the details of pupil/students who fail to attend regularly, or have missed ten school days or more without permission. Schools should monitor attendance closely and address poor or irregular attendance. It is important that pupil/students’ poor attendance is referred to the Local Authority.

Where a pupil/student has not returned to school after ten days of an authorised absence or is absent from school without authorisation for twenty consecutive school days, the pupil/student can be removed from the admissions register when the school and the Local Authority have failed to establish the whereabouts of the child after making reasonable enquiries. This applies only if the school does not have reasonable grounds to believe that the pupil/student is unable to attend because of sickness or unavoidable cause.

How can SIMS Help with this Requirement?

SIMS can meet the majority of the requirements for Missing Children in Education (page numbers relate to the Children Missing in Education Mini Guide available below). Schools are advised to:

  • record the Future Address and address Start Date for the pupil/student or contact (please see Moving a Home Address Starting at a Future Date on page 3).
  • record the destination school in the Destination Institution field in the School History panel of the pupil/student record (please see Recording a Destination School on page 5).
  • record the start date in the Destination Expected Start Date field in the School History panel of the pupil/student record (please see Recording a Destination School on page 5).
  • use the Communication Log or Linked Documents to store any evidence (please see Recording Evidence on page 6).
  • the Admissions Register (Roll Book) 2017 report can be found in pre-defined reports (via Report | Run Report).
  • inform their Local Authority.

Next Steps …

Capita will include the addition of Partial CTF’s for Children Missing in Education in the next Sims Release Summer V7.176.

The new functionality will be available via :

Routines | Data Out | CTF | Export CTF Two partial CTF files have been added.

They help to maintain an accurate record of Children Missing in Education:

  • CME – Leavers – creates a CML file that is sent to a school’s Local Authority when a pupil/student leaves school.
  • CME – Joiners – creates a CMJ file that is sent from a school to their Local Authority when a pupil/student physically arrives in a school.



Click below to download the SIMS Children Missing in Education document.