St.Aidan’s Church of England Primary School

January 2017

St Aidan’s Church of England Primary School recently received the 360 degree safe E-safety award in recognition for the high level of protection for users of new technologies.

The South West Grid for Learning acknowledged the hard work of pupils, staff, governors and support of Gateshead Tech Support Service in ensuring a strong focus on E-safety and safeguarding.

To apply for the 360 degree safe E-Safety Mark, schools have to reach a series of benchmark levels when they complete the online self-review. The evidence is then verified by a visit from experienced Assessors.

Gateshead Tech Support played an important role in St Aidan’s securing the award, providing technical advice and expertise in offering a safe environment for the users and also include access to the Futures Cloud software.  This software helps the school to ensure compliance with KCSiE by providing school teachers with the tools to oversee the safe use of technology when children and learners are in their care, based on word and phrase capture and featuring an intuitive user interface that visually displays problematic activity or behaviour and advanced incident management.

Ron Richards, Lead Assessor for the 360 degree safe E-Safety Mark congratulated the school on its success and commented that it was re-assuring to know that the school had put a lot of thought and effort into improving the on-line  safety of the staff and young people, by addressing these important safeguarding issues.


Andrew Thorogood
ICT & eSafety Co-Ordinator
St Aidan’s Church of England Primary School