Procurement Services

We offer a procurement service to a wide range of ICT-related equipment


For larger contracts, we adhere to current EU competitive tendering procedures and we work to the Council’s Standing orders and Financial Regulations for all other procurement arrangements

We undertake to research the market and source competitive pricing on your behalf so you can be confident that we always seek out Best Value for you.

And please remember, the price we source from suppliers is the price you pay – you can be confident that we don’t mark-up products and we won’t hit you with additional costs for any services that we have not agreed with you in advance

We maintain a specialist ICT framework contract with suppliers that have been appointed via a competitive tender arrangement. The framework is fully audited and is used to ensure higher specifications for equipement supplied, better warrantly arrangements and lower costs in respect of your server, desktop , laptop, netbook and other peripheral equipment requirements.

Please refer to the Hardware Replacement Framework for Schools – Key Facts Document for further information

We can offer you technical advice and to ensure that we are always at the forefront of emerging technologies, we maintain effective strategic relationships with key external partners and suppliers

We can offer you financial advice to compare and contrast the benefits of outright purchase vs operating lease arrangements. In this regard, we offer operating lease services with competitive leasing rates, insurance and end of life services


As ICT becomes more embedded in everyday classroom activities, so has the demand for portable devices such as Ipads and Chromebooks. We presently centrally manage some 1500+ portable devices. Please contact us if you are interested in this free service or require competitive quotations for equipment

Similarly, please feel free to contact us for any items of ICT equipment, whether it is to refurbish a new school or to procure smaller accessories and peripherals such as Mice, Keyboard or Encrypted Pen Drives.

Please be aware that we are happy to assist you with the procurement of audio visual equipment, but for work requiring a fixed installation, we will pass these requests to the Council’s Construction Services who will provide quotations and assist you with Landlord Consent procedures and any Health and Safety implications

Please contact the Technical Support Service on 0191 433 8525 (Option 3)