On Site Support

How can we help?

Whilst we update and maintain as much of your ICT estate remotely utilising our central support solutions, there are occasions where a site visit is the most efficient and practical solution.

We often use the site visit to undertake preventative maintenance on your computer and audio-visual devices, for example, running performance checks on computers, ensuring updates are being deployed effectively or delivering our projector filter scheduled programmes. This work is often undertaken at the end of the school day or during out of term time.

Our relationships with you are very important to us, so during term time, our site visit are also seen as an opportunity for us to meet with you to better understand your business needs…..

So whether the reason for the site visit is proactive or reactive, we are pleased to offer you peripatetic technical support at any time, to answer your service requests and incidents or to lend support to any projects or initiatives that you have ongoing.

We will always do our very best to respond to all of your technical support incidents and service requests within one working day. However, urgent matters will always be actioned with an appropriate priority response from our service.


Please don’t forget that your site visits form part of our core service level arrangements. There is no need to worry about the budgetary implications of a costly site visit….


…. so please contact our service at any time.


Here a just a few things that we do….

We ensure that your IT systems
are running smoothly

We install your new
curriculum hardware and software

We set up and install a wide range
of your IT equipment

We diagnose and resolve reported faults

.…and much much more!