MIS Services

Offering a dedicated support team for all

areas of your SIMS software suite


As an authorised Capita SIMS Support Partner, our SIMS support is delivered to schools as part of a fully inclusive package of services and goes way beyond just an understanding of the SIMS software. Our aim is to ensure that schools maximise their investment in SIMS and we work closely with schools and academies, and with officers from within the LA to keep abreast of all of the significant and relevant changes being made by both national and local government.

We operate a dedicated resource that covers all aspects of the Capita SIMS software suite & technical infrastructure, and support schools in identifying and implementing a broad range of additional information systems beyond Capita SIMS, such as text messaging, online payments, safeguarding systems etc.

Service Desk

Although we provide customers with access to 24/7 online incident recording and monitoring, we believe that there is nothing better than knowing there is someone at the end of the phone who understands and can help. Our SIMS support desk is permanently staffed during our opening hours by experienced SIMS analysts and we aim to resolve at least 90% of all enquiries at the first point of contact.

Remote Support

MIS utilise industry-leading support tools that allow us to securely remote to your PC, rapidly reducing the time it takes to identify and resolve software or data issues. These tools also allow us to upgrade and maintain your SIMS server and workstations in background so we don’t disrupt your working day. One to one remote desktop training can also be provided where appropriate so you don’t always need to travel to our training centre.

SIMS Technical Support

Our SLA includes full support for all of the technical infrastructure required by SIMS. From installing and configuring Microsoft SQL to seamlessly deploying the latest SIMS updates, we take care of it all. We will work closely with your own ICT team or external support provider to ensure that SIMS operates effectively within your own specific IT environment.

Research and Development

Knowing what the future holds for your SIMS system is fundamental in setting out your MIS strategy. To make sure you can plan ahead effectively, we constantly monitor the SIMS technical and software roadmap and provide representation at regular Capita technical briefings. This ensures you have sufficient notice of any significant hardware or software changes that might be required to run SIMS, as well as information on the latest features and of exciting new developments such as anywhere, anytime Cloud access.

Effective MIS support isn’t just knowing how software works. It begins by having an understanding of the complex information requirements of the education sector and an ongoing commitment to develop solutions that fit the specific needs of schools and academies.. As an MIS solutions provider our R&D services are not limited to SIMS products and we always look beyond your existing supplier to ensure you get the solution that is right for you.

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