KS2 Test Results Download from NCA Tools

by | Jul 1, 2019 | Key Stage Return, MIS Notifications, Statutory Analysis |

The Pupil Results section of NCA Tools will open on Tue 9th July for schools and local authorities to view children’s results for the 2019 KS2 national curriculum tests.

Children’s results will be available to download, view and print, although all results are provisional and will be finalised during the usual checking procedure in the 2019 autumn term.

To avoid manual entry, results can be downloaded as a CTF file and easily imported into SIMS.

How to download & import KS2 test results from NCA Tools

Downloading the result file
  1. Browse to NCA Tools Website: https://ncatools.education.gov.uk/
  2. Login using your NCA Tools username and password (this will have been used to order the SATS tests).
  3. Select Pupil Results from the choices on the top panel.
  4. Select Download Key Stage 2 Results on the left hand panel.
  5. Select Combined file containing all subjects.
  6. File Format select CTF.
  7. Click on Download.  On the windows pop up box click save as on the drop down box (if using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome may ask you to save a different way)
  8. When asked to specify a location where to save this file, save to I:/SIMS|Star/CTFIN or your designated CTF import folder.
  9. Say Yes to the overwrite previous file warning box.

The downloaded file will be named in the format xxxyyyy_KS2_xxxyyyy_01.xml (where xxxyyyy is your school DfE number).  Note the location of the saved file.

Please note: If the selected folder already contains a file with the same name, for example last year’s KS2 results file, the download process will automatically rename the new file by adding ‘(1)’ to the end of the filename. Unfortunately, this modification will prevent the file from appearing in the list of available files when importing in to SIMS. To correct this, edit the filename by removing the ‘(1)’ and replacing the number ’01’ with ’02’.  e.g. Rename xxxyyyy_KS2_xxxyyyy_01(1).xml to xxxyyyy_KS2_xxxyyyy_02.xml.

Importing results into SIMS
  1. Open SIMS and select Routines | Data In | CTF | Import CTF | Add KS2 for Existing Pupils Only
  2. In Section 2, browse to your CTF import folder and select your KS2 download file.
  3. Leave the effective date as today’s date.
  4. Select Import CTF.
  5. Once imported, select Tools | Performance | Assessment | Wizard Manager and open the Key Stage 2 Wizard England 2019.  Select the KS2 C. Test Outcomes 2019 marksheet to check that test results have imported correctly and are complete.
  6. Year 6 individual student and comparative reports can now be printed for distribution to parents.

More information regarding 2019 statutory assessment can be found on the Key Stage Assessments help topic.  If you would like any further assistance please give us a call on 0191 433 8525 (option 1) or email mis@gateshead.gov.uk.