Generating KS2 Individual Student Reports

by | Jul 9, 2019 | Key Stage Return, MIS Notifications |

The 2019 KS2 Wizard, incorporated a number of pre-defined reports that schools can use to present pupil and school attainment to parents.  There are two individual pupil reports available, the first contains KS2 teacher assessment, while the other combines both TA and KS2 test outcomes.

Both reports rely on the relevant data having been entered or downloaded into SIMS.  TA grades are normally entered manually by the school whereas test outcomes will tend to be downloaded as a CTF file from the NCA Tools website and imported into SIMS.  2019 KS2 test results were made available on 9th July 2019 and advice on downloading these results can be accessed here.

How to generate KS2 Individual Reports

Accessing the KS2 Wizard Reports
  1. Open SIMS and navigate to Tools | Performance | Assessment | Wizard Manager.
  2. Using the filters as required, select Key Stage 2 Wizard England 2019. Click the Next button.
  3. Check the Group Selection, amending where necessary.
  4. Click the Next button.
  5. At the Marksheet page, click Next.
  6. Amend the membership dates if you wish to include any pupils that may have left school since the tests, then click Refresh.
  7. Select either the KS2 P1 Student England TA 2019 or KS2 P1 Student England TA and TT 2019 report.
  8. To preview your report, ensure one pupil from the group is selected then click the Preview Report icon.
  9. To print the reports for all pupils, choose Select All then click the Print Report icon.
Upload Reports to the Pupil Record

Once the school is satisfied that their KS2 individual reports are ready to be shared with parents, a copy can also be saved permanently against the pupil’s record within SIMS. This document can then be accessed at any time from the Pupil Details window without having to access the relevant wizard.

  1. From the Individual Report page of the Key Stage 2 Wizard England 2019, select the required report.
  2. Choose Select All.
  3. Select the Upload Report icon.  The reports will be individually generated and uploaded to the pupil record.

Issues have been identified with the version of the KS2 P2 Comparative England 2019 report available in the KS2 wizard.  We would advise schools to refrain from printing or uploading this report.  For schools wishing to generate a KS2 comparative report, we have created a corrected version which is available from the MIS Team on request.

More information regarding 2019 statutory assessment can be found on the Key Stage Assessments help topic.  If you would like any further assistance please give us a call on 0191 433 8525 (option 1) or email