Impero Education Pro is a combined classroom management, network management and online safety monitoring system.

It enables schools and academies to:

  • Provide a safe learning environment for pupils when using digital devices
  • Break down the technical and safety barriers of using ICT within lessons
  • Fulfill their duty of care in relation to safe ICT use by implementing a whole school and managed approach to online safety
  • Monitor its students’ internet use in line with the Keeping Children Safe in Education statutory guidance and the UK Safer Internet Centre’s ‘Appropriate’ monitoring standards
  • Easily identify potential students that may be at risk


Impero Education Pro is truly cross platform, compatible with all major operating systems, allowing multiple different devices to be monitored and managed from a single view.

The software is compatible with the following operating systems:  Windows, Chrome, OS, IOS,  Mac OSX

The safeguarding features of the software include:

Keyword detection

Identifying key words, phrases abbreviations or acronyms, which are typed, used or viewed anywhere on the network (including html, web browsers, emails, applications, etc) to help pinpoint vulnerable students potentially engaged in at-risk behavior.

Anonymous pupil reporting tool

An anonymous reporting tool, called Confide, enables students to report concerns (anonymously if they choose), either about themselves or another student, to a trusted member of staff.

Keyword detection libraries

Built in keyword detection libraries to provide definitions relating to a broad range of safeguarding issues to establish the context.

Reporting and analytics

Review and analyse all online safety data down to a granular level and produce detailed reports for the relevant members of staff.

Real-time monitoring

Preventing exposure to inappropriate content and proactively identifying vulnerable students at risk from harm via a comprehensive view of devices.

Track and disable USBs

Tracking, controlling and disabling USB devices across the network to ensure that inappropriate or dangerous content is not exposed to the network.


Activity logs and incident handling

Providing access to a historic log of all online activity, including screenshot and video captures, with incident handling and reporting tools to evidence misconduct or safeguarding risks.

Enforce acceptable use policies

Reminding pupils how to behave responsibly online by enforcing acceptable use policies and running reports to measure their effectiveness.


Access management

Enabling schools and academies to manage online access automatically and on-the-fly by user, room, device or session to restrict or enable access to resources

The classroom management features of the software include:

Real Time monitoring

Providing a live, comprehensive view of all student devices, at a glance, so inappropriate behaviour can be managed in real time and potential risk prevented before an incident escalates.

Screen Broadcasting

Enhancing the digital learning environment by broadcasting a teacher’s screen to all devices to demonstrate tasks and share resources, or broadcasting a student’s screen to showcase exemplary work.

Remote Control

Improving communication and maximising learning with the ability to remote control student devices to lend assistance or demonstrate tasks.

Teaching Tools

Removing distractions and focusing attention through single-click actions including lock screen, disable internet, restrict printing and mute sound, while saving time by sending/ receiving files (such as homework) and running files/websites on student devices.

Messaging and Live Chat

Enabling discreet communication between teachers and students, or groups, to assist remotely, provide feedback, or for collaborative working.

Multi Device Monitoring

Empowering teachers to use technology in the classroom with flexible grouping structures and PIN grouping functionality, offering cross platform compatibility to promote learner engagement.


Access management

Improving productivity by managing students’ access to websites, applications or resources in real time during a lesson.

Assessment Tools

Helping teachers to assess learning over time, and plan in response to the needs of students, through the exam module, quick question and quick quiz allocation tools, and by assigning tasks which students can mark as complete in real time.

Impero Insight 

Impero Insight is an advanced, cloud-based analytics and reporting module for Impero Education Pro, powered by the industry leading Microsoft BI engine.

Impero Insight automatically pulls data, from one or multiple servers, into intuitive, interactive and informative pre-defined dashboards, with the ability to drill down to a granular level when required.

The features of the software include:

Data analytics, multi-server reporting, granular permissions, interactive tailored dashboards, graphical data presentation and auto data updates


The benefits of the software include:

Keeping students safe, saving you time, supporting best practice, supporting decision-making to demonstrate outstanding leadership


Please read the Impero On-line Safety Handbook that offers a best practice deployment guide and resource pack for Senior Leadership Teams

Click here for access to a range of short guide Video Tutorials on how use the Impero education pro software