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The right to access is one of eight rules under the title of ‘Individual Rights’ and builds upon existing Data Protection Act legislation in the form of a Subject Access Request (SAR). When a school receives a SAR, there will be many separate reports in many different formats that a user in SIMS will need to produce to fulfil the request. This can be time consuming and a burden, to help address this, Capita have introduced some new functionality within SIMS called the Person Data Output Report (PDO).

Person Data Outputs from SIMS

The new Person Data Output has been developed to make the process for a school easier and quicker when fulfilling the requirements of a SAR.  This report is available for Students, Staff and Contacts held within the SIMS Database.

There is some configuration that the MIS Team will need to carry out on your behalf prior to this going live within your school.

Please provide the names of the school staff that you wish to have access to this functionality within your SIMS system and notify the MIS Team via email

Further information can be found in this video demonstration provided by Capita accessed here.

What the Person Data Output Report will and will not provide

When a Subject Access Request is made by a person it’s clear that SIMS cannot and does not legally have to provide a single report to deliver everything.  It is not just data held in SIMS that you need to be concerned about, what else is stored in your filing cabinets (original paper application forms), in spreadsheets and other documents stored on a network drive or additional notes in a teacher’s notepad.

It’s absolutely acceptable under the Data Protection Act and GDPR (as confirmed by the ICO) for a Subject Access Request to be made up of multiple reports from SIMS.

The report will output as a MS Word (.docx) file.  You will be asked to confirm that you take responsibility for the security of this data.

The report will not provide detail such as individual sessional attendance (i.e. each individual mark), but a summary for each academic year is given.

Where other areas such as Dinner Money are used, the Person Data Output Report provides a summary of data.

In these cases, where SIMS provides comprehensive more detailed reports, i.e. attendance certificates or dinner money transactions, we recommend you supplement the Person Data Output Report with reports already available in SIMS.

How to run the Person Data Output Report

Once the relevant SIMS permissions have been granted, please load this file for full instruction on how to run the report from SIMS.

1. Select Routines | Data Out | Person Data Output.

2. Click on New to generate a new output.

3. The user must select a location to save the PDO file and ensure it is a secure and appropriate location.

4. Suitable notes can be entered here in relation to the PDO.

5. Search for the Students, Staff or contacts.

6. Select the person on whom you want to extract the data. Initially the output will contain Student (not applicant) data.

7. Select Generate Word Output. You will be presented with a PDO agreement.

8. Confirm your acceptance of the agreement and click Continue.

Examples of the PDO report types can be viewed below.

If you require any assistance or have a query regarding this notification, please give us a call on 0191 433 8525 (option 1).

Further information on School ICT’s responses to GDPR can be found on the GDPR Help Topic.