e-Safety Services

What is E-Safety?

In the context of an Ofsted inspection, e-Safety may be described as the schools’ ability:

  • To protect and educate pupils and staff in their use of technology
  • To have the appropriate mechanisms to intervene and support any incident where appropriate

Ofsted categorises e-Safety into three main areas of risk:

  • Content – being exposed to illegal, inappropriate or harmful materials
  • Contact – being subjected to harmful online interaction with other users
  • Conduct – Personal online behaviour that increases the likelihood of, or causes, harm


Ofsted describes the key features of schools good and outstanding practice as those schools that will have:

  • A whole school consistent approach to e-Safety with high quality leadership and management
  • Robust and integrated reporting routines
  • An E-Safety training programmes in place for all staff with one or more members of staff with a higher level of expertise with clearly defined responsibilities
  • Rigorous e-Safety policies and procedures in place that are integrated with other relevant policies such as behaviour, safeguarding or anti-bullying
  • An age-appropriate e-Safety curriculum that is flexible, relevant and engages pupil interest
  • A recognised Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Regional Broadband Consortium together with age-related filtering that is actively monitored
  • Risk assessment strategies that are used to good effect to promote e-Safety / using data effectively to assess the impact of e-Safety practice and how this informs strategy
  • The impact of personal data is understood and data is managed and in accordance with the statutory requirements of the Data Protection Act

Our Service Offer

The service wishes to provide a proactive response to Ofsted guidelines and requirements to support schools and academies in managing the balance of risk associated with the use of the internet and the use of applications within schools and to continue to develop the usage of ICT-related technology whilst at the same time, keeping pupils and school based employees safe.

Forming part of our core service level arrangements, the service holds an umbrella license to allow us to offer free E-safety software to you for your computer devices on the curriculum network.

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