DfE Ever 6 @ Spring Census 2019 SIMS Report

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Please note there was an issue with the first version of this file, please re-download the file if you have already imported it prior to 14.03.19  If you have not yet downloaded the file please use this link to the most recent version.

The start and end date used for checking relevant exclusion records has been changed from 03/10/2013 – 17/01/2019 to 18/01/2013 -17/01/2019

The reports have been renamed to ensure that schools understand that they can only be an approximation of FSM Ever as used by the DfE for allocating Deprivation Pupil Premium.  

This report definition now uses the following logic:

On roll on 17/01/2019 AND Enrolment Status is: “Main – Dual Registration” or “Single Registration”

AND Eligible for FSM with FSM Country blank or set to “England” at any point between 18/01/2013 and 17/01/2019

AND EITHER NC Year Actual is: “R”, “1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, “5”, “6”, “7”, “8”, “9”, “10” or “11” OR NC Year Actual is: “X” AND date of birth is between 01/09/2002 and 31/08/2014

Date ranges are inclusive.

Instructions for download:

DfE FSM Ever 6 at Spring Census 2019 Report provides a list of students based on the method used by the DfE to calculate Eligibility for FSM Ever 6 for the Spring Census.

This report can be beneficial in your budget setting processes.  The report can be downloaded and imported into your Sims .net database as follows :

  1. Use the link provided above to download the ZIP file to an available folder. It doesn’t matter which folder is chosen as the ZIP doesn’t contain any sensitive data
  2. Save the file to your desktop or the location of your choice
  3. Right click on the ZIP file and extract the .rpt file to an available folder. It’s fine to use the same folder as that where you downloaded the ZIP
  4. Open SIMS and select Reports | Import | Choose file saved above | Select which phase of report you require
  5. Use the browse to locate and select the .rpt file
  6. Click Import
  7. Once Imported the report can be ran via Reports | Run | Focus | Student | select the “FSM Ever 6 Eng Prim/Sec 2019 (Approximate)” and run
  8. The saved files can now be deleted from their location.

The only difference between the files for secondary and primary schools is the use of the word Reg for secondary and Class for primary.

If you require any assistance or have a query regarding this notification, please give us a call on 0191 433 8525 (option 1).