Compare Our Services


“We just want our ICT to work and at the cheapest possible cost….!”

Why not! This would appear to be a reasonable set of goals. However, ICT is a very complex business, but how do you truly compare services?

Let’s take an example.  You might have a personal computer at home. How often do you back up the device?  Do you really know if the backup worked?  Where do you save the data?  Do you really want to take the same risks with your school or academy?

Let’s look at our approach…

  • We maintain off-site storage
  • We take full and incremental backups of your information and data for each working day
  • We utilise a business-class system to manage and monitor the backup process
  • We employ dedicated staffing resources to remedy any identified issues
  • We don’t leave anything to chance!



And the bigger picture…

In terms of our service provision, our approach is to factor in the true lifecycle costs of ICT and audio visual equipment over the longer term. This allows us to offer a stable pricing structure for our services.

  • We believe that this approach is honest and fair
  • These arrangements ensure that there are no unforeseen surprises
  • Our approach allows you to predict your overall expenditure for your ICT related services over the longer term too



We trust that we offer comprehensive and competitive pricing for all of our services – but please don’t just take our word for it!

If you would like to compare our service specification and pricing with others, please download our handy spreadsheet…

Why not take the Challenge?

…. and if you need any further information or advice on our services, please contact Adrian Armstrong on telephone number 0191 4338503 or at the following email address: