Back Office Services

In allowing us to talk to our customers face to face, our consultancy and peripatetic technical support services provide a very important contribution to our service delivery

However, these services are just the tip of the iceberg as a significant part of our work to support you is through our back-office services


So what do we do for you behind the scenes?

  • We routinely update your anti-virus software and monitor your ICT devices connected to your curriculum network; we remotely resolve anti-virus issuescube
  • We ensure that your E-Safety software is up to date and we remotely manage the central E-Safety console for you
  • We provide network administration tasks for your curriculum network such as managing end user accounts and security permissions to your applications and data
  • We test new equipment to ensure compliance with your existing estate and to safeguard the integrity of your ICT network infrastructure
  •  We remotely manage, secure and service all of your ICT devices that are connected to your curriculum network.
  • We maintain an inventory of all of your hardware and software, we patch your business critical applications and operating systems and we assure software compliance.We take this very seriously – that is why we invest in leading industry tools to allow us to manage and monitor your estate



All of our back office functions are designed to mitigate against critical events that may otherwise
interrupt your services or cause a loss of your time and resources.

Our preventative maintenance programmes enable us
to detect and prevent many problems before they even reach you!